St Michael's Homes

Our Story


St Michael’s Homes provides a continuum of programs and services within its rehabilitative homes, including seventy-five beds in four residential settings, all located in the City of Toronto.

St Michael’s Homes staff members deliver counselling and rehabilitative services to its residents in all four locations. The agency is an important part of the network providing recovery programs in Toronto, and especially for those who are in mid-life and clearly in need, but do not qualify for other programs.

The settings of our homes are an integral part of the programs and are communities in which residents and staff members are mutually supportive, sharing responsibility for creating and maintaining a homelike atmosphere. It is our aim to create and maintain communities of care and acceptance so that, through this therapeutic action, we can assist with the heeling of deeply wounded individuals as they strive for a life beyond their addictions.

Now in our 41st year, St Michael’s Homes continue to strive as an organization for constant improvement of our response to the human needs of those we serve through our programs.


Our vision for St. Michael’s Homes is empowered individuals leading meaningful lives free from addiction.


We provide an integrated and holistic continuum of care focused on enhanced quality of life for individuals living with the challenges associated with addiction.

Organizational Values

At St. Michael’s Homes, we believe all of our work needs to be

  • Accountable: being transparent and forthcoming about the rationale for every action undertaken;
  • Client-driven: incorporating the characteristics, conditions, needs, values, and preferences of those we serve;
  • Evidence-based: informing decision making through integrating the best available evidence with interdisciplinary practitioner expertise and other resources;
  • Responsive: fostering agile and adaptable programs and services that empower transformational change in our complex environment;
  • Committed to Excellence: pursuing excellence and innovation in everything we do through an enthusiastic commitment to continuous quality improvement;
  • Collaborative: creating dynamic and strategic partnerships both internally and externally to benefit client outcomes/impacts, enhancing our capacity to serve the more complex needs presented by clients;
  • Learning-focused: promoting the development and growth of leaders at all levels in the Agency through continuous learning and knowledge exchange; and
  • Cutting-edge: consulting, innovating, evaluating, and sharing our results to provide best-in-class service and leadership in our field.