St Michael's Homes

Aftercare Support Services

Our Aftercare support services are a programmatic follow-up of clients who have been through residential programming and are once again living in the wider community. As with Reintegration, some therapeutic interventions such as individual counselling and group work are still offered, along with opportunities for informal supportive fellowship with alumni of St. Michael’s Homes.

One of the chief purposes of the Aftercare Program is to assist the client with the building and maintenance of a network of professional services necessary to sustain lifelong recovery. In the beginning staff may help to establish inter-agency and inter-professional connections, but always with the goal of empowering and enabling the client to work with such services and service providers with ever-increasing autonomy. If relapse occurs, Wrap-Around clients are supported through these episodes in a compassionate and non-judgemental fashion, with an emphasis on relapse prevention planning and support.

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