St Michael's Homes

Community Development

“Sobriety is not the opposite of addiction. The opposite of addiction is connection.” – Johann Hari

In concert with our thoroughly revamped therapeutic program design, St. Michael’s Homes now offers the opportunity for clients to actively contribute to their own development through its client-driven community development programming.

Clients in treatment programs at St. Michael’s Homes often find themselves on the tail-end of a long roller-coaster ride of dysfunction. Clients in our Reintegration program typically need to re-engage healthy habits around work, domestic life, and even leisure time.

Working under the direct supervision of our Food Services Coordinator or our Facilities Coordinator, clients can learn valuable skills while rebuilding their self-esteem through making a positive contribution to the community of St. Michael’s Homes. We hope to add recreational options under this banner as well, working with additional staff and/or trained volunteers from the surrounding community.