St Michael's Homes

What people are saying about us

“..the staff and counsellors have been supportive, kind, understanding and most of all gave me a sense of belonging. Without the staff at St. Mikes I am quite certain that I would not feel as strong and positive about my life as I do today. I will carry these people in my heart forever.”
“I would like to tell you that this program saved my life. By being here as a resident, and learning about my skills and about having faith in spiritual growth – and about learning about changing my life to a better person.”
 “In my time, employed at St. Michael’s Houses, it has been a pleasure to work with our clients, and extremely satisfying to see the work they do on their addiction/personal issues. I count my blessings that I am able to be a part of this process and able to work for this agency.”
“My stay here at St. Michael’s has really just begun, it is my first week here. In this short period of time I’ve been welcomed with a very open arms approach by both staff and residents. This has allowed me to feel accepted in a most respectful manner.”

“St. Michael’s Homes never gave up hope for me. I am a resident currently involved in their program. I am grateful and I believe that there is a better life ahead for myself. Thank God.”