St Michael's Homes

Aftercare Support Services

Due to COVID-19 there are no visitors allowed at our 262 Gerrard St E. location or our 277 Rusholme location.

This means that all Aftercare appointments will be done over the phone.

You can call Clarence at (416) 926-8267 ext. 121.

Our Aftercare support services, funded for three years by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, are a programmatic follow-up of clients who have been through residential programming and are once again living in the wider community. As with Reintegration, some therapeutic interventions are still offered, along with opportunities for informal supportive fellowship with alumni of St. Michael’s Homes.

Recovery is a long process for most of our clients. Connection and support are needed long after a client leaves one of our residential programs. 

Clients know this, so we’re redeveloping our Aftercare program with an emphasis on connecting clients to one another in small groups. Each small group will have a Lead, who will be coached by staff to encourage group members to help each other stay on track in their recovery. Leads will share new information about program resources and other opportunities to learn and grow. 

Staff will check in regularly with group Leads, offering them support and troubleshooting any group issues that arise. Staff will work with students and trained volunteers to promote tested frameworks for recovery, including those from the SMART Recovery program used by St. Michael’s Homes. 

In-person and online meetings and events will keep the momentum rolling as clients build on their own personal growth, creating for themselves a new and better future. 

To enroll in Aftercare, call our main number at (416) 926-8267 ext 121. 

We are grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their continued support to St. Michael’s Homes. Please click here to view our press release.