St Michael's Homes

Extended Residential Treatment

Due to COVID-19 only essential visitors are allowed at our 277 Rusholme location or our 35 Northumberland location.

Extended Residential Treatment is an extension of Residential Treatment designed in the acknowledgement that many individuals experiencing the effects of problematic substance use or dependence also experience various forms of mental illness, including the disturbing effects of unresolved trauma. Many of the same structures of Residential Treatment are held in place, while the programming lens focuses more on client complexity and the need for developing techniques and strategies for seeking safety and self-soothing to support initial dialogue around life-trauma.

Admission to Extended Residential Treatment requires the client to have completed Residential Treatment at St. Michael’s Homes or an equivalent program elsewhere, and some assessment indicating reference to delve deeper into some of the issues underlying problematic substance use or dependence. Based upon the need and progress of the client, Extended Residential Treatment may last thirty to sixty days. Upon completion of the program, some participants may continue their journey with Reintegration or move directly to Wrap-Around care.