St Michael's Homes

Our People

St. Michael’s Homes is a place where people connect.

Our clients are the heart of our agency. Some are in residence, while others visit us for appointments or groups. Some have been connected to us for years, while others are brand new. Somehow, in all of this fluidity, there is a real, lasting sense of community.

Our staff are a diverse and talented group, well-educated and well-seasoned. From our Relief staff through to our Executive Director, right across our continuum of care there is a genuine desire to help clients find stability, dignity, and hope in their recovery.

Our Board of Directors brings a wealth of wisdom and expertise from various sectors. Working with the Executive Director, the Board guides the shaping of the Strategic Plan and monitors the pursuit of its goals and objectives, and ensures that the agency remains strong through times of transition.

Our partners and stakeholders range from our funders through service organizations to fellow health service providers. St. Michael’s Homes is the product of a number of relationships maintained in good faith and a desire to help others and build a stronger society.