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Our Volunteers

We are so grateful for the help of our volunteers who organise and participate in monthly recreational events, fundraising endeavours and more. As a smaller organisation we lack the resources to offer as many extra curricular activities and events for our residents as we would like to. With the help of volunteers we are able to offer our residents opportunities to socialize with one another and people from outside the residents in a fun environment – with entertainment, such as trivia night, games, and food as the focus. As well as extra curricular activities, such as tai chi classes.

With the support of volunteers we are able to partake in fundraising activities, which are crucial in raising money for essential items for our residents, workbooks and materials for clients and other general support of our direct programming.


Want to become a volunteer?

Who cares about addictions? You do.

Odds are that someone you know, a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbour is struggling right now to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs. Directly or indirectly, that impacts you. You care.

St. Michael’s Homes is a tiny agency that boasts some of the best mental health and addictions programming in the province. We do this for free, for those who can’t afford it – which is where you come in.

We currently have positions open for events planning and assistance volunteers and fundraising volunteers.

Fundraising Volunteer:

Delta Bingo at St. Clair and Keele holds open two-hour time-slots, often late in the evening or on weekends for St. Michael’s Homes volunteers for very light duty, distributing bingo cards, gathering used tickets, and wiping down unattended video screens. The Ontario Lottery & Gaming commission reimburses St. Michael’s Homes very handsomely for this.

These extra funds help us to supply bedding and personal items for our residential clients, workbooks and materials for our program participants, and even staff training as we constantly review and update our services. The return on your investment of time is very high, and generates consistent revenue for our work.

All volunteers receive:

Events Volunteer:

Help to hold monthly recreational events for our clients that break the cycle of loneliness and provide crucial opportunities for socialization with others – including you. We hold barbecues, seasonal parties, trivia nights, and other theme-events that lighten the spirits of those doing the hard, brave work of recovering from addictions.

All food and supplies are provided. If you have additional skills or ideas to offer that would benefit clients please feel free to reach out and make a suggestion for an activity or event that you would like to organise.

All volunteers receive:

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