St Michael's Homes

Residential Treatment

Due to COVID-19, any new admissions to Treatment must isolate for 14 days at a secure location and have a negative COVID-19 test prior to admission. Please contact 416-926-8267 ext. 110 for more information.

Only essential visitors are allowed inside of our 277 Rusholme Rd or 35 Northumberland St locations.

Residential Treatment is a highly-structured thirty-day residential treatment experience designed to equip clients with the tools they need to make sense of the effects of problematic substance use or dependence and its resulting behaviours, emotional impacts, and ambivalences. Therapeutic modalities include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoeducational programing, experiential learning, meditation, group therapy, grounding techniques, and spiritual development.

Admission to Residential Treatment typically comes via participation in the Engagement program, but may also come via direct agency-to-agency referral. Individualized care is established by client-established goals so that participation may become more progressively client-driven. Discharge planning begins with admission, and continues with appropriate goal-review and goal-modification along the way. The client journey may continue with Extended Residential Treatment, Reintegration, or Wrap-Around, an external referral to another service provider, or with return to the wider community.