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Victor’s Journey

Victor’s Journey

“I prayed to God to save my life.”

–Victor, 47, in recovery from substance dependence

Victor grew up in an abusive home. With undiagnosed learning deficits, he scraped through high school, and even now has difficulties with reading and writing. And yet Victor became a successful contractor with a well-rounded knowledge of the trades.

Though a friendly and likeable person, Victor struggled with relationships, and his low self-worth contributed to a gnawing loneliness. Drugs became his way to keep the pain at bay. Victor struggled to get clean and stay clean, but he relapsed over and over, which cost him work, robbing him of his pride in his abilities. Hitting rock-bottom, Victor says, “I prayed to God to save my life.”

A small-town boy, Victor wondered if the big city might have more resources for him to get his life back on track. He was referred to St. Michael’s Homes. After Residential Treatment, Victor entered the longer-term Residential Reintegration Service, where men are encouraged to pick up old skills or to learn new ones. Victor began to volunteer at St. Michael’s Homes in a very active way in a spirit of energetic gratitude, because, in his words, “People understand me here.”

Victor is now working full time again, maintaining a strong connection with St. Michael’s Homes, and stable in recovery. He is learning how to use computers, and is exploring opportunities for adult literacy. He still gets lonely sometimes, but he knows he is never alone: “Where I am in life now is all because of Him.”